Maitake mushrooms from Japan.High quality Maitake for your health

Yukiguni Maitake mushrooms are all-natural foods for which we have used neither chemicals nor pesticides.
Thanks to the technical capabilities Japan has developed in producing edible fungi,
we can offer everyone around the world mushrooms that are safe, fresh, good for your health,
and of course delicious.

Yukiguni Maitake

Yukiguni Maitake

With our unique technology, in 1983 we succeeded in mass-producing maitake—so rare an item that in Japan it has been known as “the phantom mushroom.”
Our mushrooms are farmed in a facility, so you can even enjoy them without washing.



Add maitake to perk up your meals!

Let maitake become a part of your everyday menu!
Maitashi means adding maitake mushrooms to your everyday dishes,
so you can enjoy a delicious, healthy lifestyle.

Beauty and vigor every day

Get a nutritional
boost from

Maitake mushrooms are rich in nutrients that provide the source of “power” for good health.
They work to preserve immune strength and moderate increases in blood sugar levels. They can also enhance regularity so you feel refreshed, while protecting against lifestyle diseases and facilitating a long, healthy life. Maitake mushrooms can be the key to beauty and health!

Maitake strengthen your
body so you can withstand
colds or the flu.


This is the body’s defense system to guard against infection by blocking and wiping out germs, viruses and other invasive pathogens trying to attack the body.

Boosting immune strength

Maitake mushrooms are rich in alpha glucans and beta glucans that may help bolster the body’s immune strength.

Maitake help you preserve
beauty and health.


A diet with too many carbs increases the risk of diabetes or other diseases. On the other hand, too few carbs can cause nutritional imbalance and poor health.

Moderating blood sugar increase after eating

The dietary fiber, n-hexane extract and alpha glucan contained in maitake mushrooms may offer such health benefits.

Maitake provide support for
stomach health with food fiber
that leaves you feeling regular
and refreshed every day.

Dietary fiber

A person whose intake of dietary fiber is insufficient may not only suffer from constipation, his or her risk of contracting a lifestyle disease such as myocardial infarctions and cancer may also become elevated.

Regular and refreshed every day

Maitake mushrooms contain insoluble dietary fiber, which if ingested over a long period may help to maintain a healthy intestinal environment.

Aim to have a long, healthy life
in which you can get around on
your own two feet.

For health and long life

In order to be able to enjoy active senior years, you need to maintain good bone health and prevent your muscle strength functions from deteriorating.

Strengthening the legs and hips

The vitamin D in maitake mushrooms can help to protect against osteoporosis and facilitate adjustments in motor functions.

Permanently maintain youthful blood vessels.

Lifestyle diseases

As a person ages, so too do his or her blood vessels, and if the cholesterol count in the bloodstream increases, the risk of lifestyle diseases also rises.

Decreasing cholesterol in the blood

Maitake mushrooms contain insoluble dietary fiber, which may help expel cholesterol from the body.


Other Products Line-up

Yukiguni Eringi

Yukiguni Eringi

Shipped with the roots attached, giving them a greater sense of volume. It’s easy to maintain their quality, and you’ll enjoy their fresh flavor. We cultivate them so that the tasty stem portion is thick and the cap is small.

Yukiguni Shimeji

Yukiguni Shimeji

This mushroom is rich with vitamins, minerals, and fibers. It goes well with wide a variety of cuisines from all over the world including pasta and other such western dishes.

Premium Tamba-Shimeji

Premium Tamba-Shimeji

Since Tamba Shimeji have none of the bitterness associated with mushrooms, even children go for them!
Rich in dietary fiber, low in calories, and packed with vitamins and minerals, Tamba Shimeji are very healthy. They are perfect for a wide range of dishes, including pasta, grilled dishes and stews. Your taste buds will be delighted when you try large-grain Tamba Shimeji grown in the Tamba district of Kyoto

Premium Daikoku Hon-Shimeji

Premium Daikoku Hon-Shimeji

It used to be that hon-shimeji (brown beech mushrooms) were so rare that they were known as “phantom mushrooms” and could only be enjoyed at exclusive restaurants.
But as with highly prized matsutake mushrooms, a way has now been found to cultivate hon-shimeji! Farmers in the Tamba district of Kyoto achieved the breakthrough in the early 2000s. Our Daikoku Hon-Shimeji are both pleasing to the eye and chock full of flavor.

Maitake Rice Mix

Maitake Rice Mix

Just pour this in when you boil your rice and the result will be a delicious serving of maitake rice. We make it easy for you to enjoy this maitake-based dish that is popular throughout Japan.

Eringi Rice Mix

Eringi Rice Mix

Rice saturated with the flavor of eringi mushrooms makes for a very tasty dish. A simple retort-pouch dish—just mix it in when you boil your rice.

“Aojiru” Green Juice

“Aojiru” Green Juice

Our aojiru “green juice” health drink contains 15 varieties of vegetables as well as maitake mushroom extract (MD Fraction). Simply mix the “green juice” powder with water and you will have a delicious, healthy beverage. We’ve added Kyoto matcha green tea powder for an especially mellow, refined taste. So rich in calcium that you really should make drinking aojiru a daily habit. Find out why it is such a big hit among health-conscious Japanese consumers. Contains 21 portions.

Health Foods

Health Foods

Through the unique study of the functionality of Maitake Mushroom, Yukiguni Maitake offers health foods that condense its health benefits.

Safety Initiatives

Maitake Farming Factories

Our Yukiguni Maitake farming factories are located among the mountains in Minamiuonuma City, Niigata Prefecture, Japan, where water is plentiful and the air is clean. Yukiguni Maitake mushrooms are produced using biotechnology that we ourselves have developed and raised in an indoors environment that recreates the optimal growing conditions. Our mushrooms are farmed in a facility, so the product we can supply throughout the year will always have same, stable high quality and a delicious flavor that never changes.

Safe and Secure Products

We inspect the basic ingredients and water we use for heavy metals and microbes, and use no chemicals or pesticides. We engage in strict quality control and inspections of our products. We have also created and maintain a food safety management system that is based on the ISO22000 standard, and produce products that are safe and secure.

Producing Our Maitake

We believe the flavor, mouth feel, quality, and freshness of our maitake to be crucial. Accordingly, we take about three months to cultivate large roots that are close to the kinds of maitake that grow in the wild. These are large roots on the order of 800 grams, so you can look forward to enjoying thick stems and large, fleshy caps.

Production Process of Maitake

  1. Inspecting the raw materials

    Inspecting the raw materials

    The raw materials and water used for the cultivation of Yukiguni Maitake undergo the inspection in accordance with our rigorous internal standards.

  2. Preparation


    Mix the materials such as sawdust from broadleaf trees, water and wheat bran to build a medium that will serve as the foundation for the cultivation.

  3. Sterilization


    Sterilize the medium at high temperature and high pressure in order to eliminate the bacteria.

  4. Inoculation


    Plant maitake fungus on the sterilized medium in the clean equipment so as not to be mixed with bacteria.

  5. Cultivation


    Move the medium to the cultivating room, and cultivate maitake fungus around two months while controlling the temperature, humidity, wind, and the light.

  6. Budding


    Cut and open the top of the package of medium. Maitake mushrooms begin to bud.

  7. Flushing


    Grow maitake mushrooms in the breeding room for nearly two weeks where the environmental conditions are controlled. The conditions in the room are adjusted with the passage of time.

  8. Harvesting


    Only those mushrooms that satisfy our rigorous internal standards are carefully harvested by hand.

  9. Packaging and Inspection

    Packaging and Inspection

    After carefully inspecting the quality of the products, they are cut into small pieces and packed fresh.

  10. Inoculation


    Shipped out to internal market and also overseas. By using the packaging that keeps the vegetables fresh, we can deliver them to overseas markets in spite of long distance and long time shipment.


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