Establishment to 1990s

July 1983 Established Yukiguni Maitake Co., Ltd. Ikasawa factory (Minamiuonuma, Niigata) is newly established. Begins maitake production and sales
June 1986 Head office relocates to a new building at 89 Yokawa, Minamiuonuma, Niigata
October 1986 Bio Center 1 is newly established in Mizuoshinden, Minamiuonuma. Begins maitake production
October 1988 Yukiguni Shoji Co., Ltd. is established. Begins purchasing heavy oil and other materials for use in each center and selling gasoline to general consumers
September 1989 Bio Center 2 is newly established in Urasa, Minamiuonuma. Begins maitake production
August 1991 Imamachi Kosan Limited is established. Begins manufacturing auxiliary materials for culture media (The trade name is renamed to Imamachi Kosan Co., Ltd. on October 5, 2015)
August 1992 The head office package center is newly established at the head office
March 1994 Listed on the Regional Industry Development Department of the Niigata Stock Exchange
September 1994 Bio Center 3 is newly established in Niiborishinden, Minamiuonuma. Begins maitake production
September 1995 Gosen Bio Center is newly established in Nakagawashin, Gosen, Niigata. Begins maitake production
May 1996 Begins sales of in-house produced boiled maitake products
April 1997 Begins production and sales of health product MD-Fraction, which contains condensed maitake extract
March 1998 Totaku Co., Ltd., becomes a subsidiary through stock acquisition. Yukiguni Maitake expands its business into the production and sales of processed food

2000s to present

March 2000 As the Niigata Stock Exchange is merged into the Tokyo Stock Exchange, Yukiguni Maitake is listed on the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange
May 2002 Bio Center 4 is newly established in Tsukuno, Minamiuonuma. Begins production of eringi
June 2004 Bio Center 5 is newly established in Yamazakishinden, Minamiuonuma. Begins production of buna-shimeji
January 2011 Shiga Package Center is newly established in Ryuo, Gamo, Shiga. Begins production of cut vegetables
June 2015 Yukiguni Maitake stocks are delisted from the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange
April 2018 Yukiguni Maitake absorbs Yukiguni Shoji Co., Ltd., and Imamachi Kosan Co., Ltd.
September 2018 Maitake packaging factory is newly established in the Shiga Package Center. Begins packaging of maitake
January 2019 Yukiguni Maitake absorbs Totaku Co., Ltd.
March 2019 Yukiguni Maitake acquires all shares of Mizuho Norin Co., Ltd. (production and sales of hon-shimeji and hatake-shimeji) and Kinoko Center Kin Co., Ltd. (production and sales of buna-shimeji), owned by Takara Bio Inc., making them subsidiaries
October 2019 Yukiguni Maitake acquires all shares of Mitsukura Norin Limited (production and sales of button mushroom) and makes it a subsidiary
(The trade name is renamed to Mitsukura Norin Co., Ltd. on March 2, 2020)
September 2020 Yukiguni Maitake is listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange
March 2022 Kinoko Center Kin Co., Ltd., is dissolved
April 2022 Transitions to the Prime Market due to reorganization of the Tokyo Stock Exchange market
June 2022 Establishes Tokyo head office. A dual-headquarters system with head offices in Niigata and Tokyo is introduced
June 2022 Shifts from company with a Board of Corporate Auditors to a company with an Audit and Supervisory Committee
April 2023 Yukiguni Maitake absorbs Mitsukura Norin Co., Ltd.
December 2023 Acquired shares of Netherlands-based mushroom business companies and made them subsidiaries.