Stakeholder Engagement

In order to fulfill our social responsibility through fair, transparent, and sound business activities, we communicate with various stakeholders.

Methods to communicate with main stakeholders at Yukiguni Maitake
Stakeholder Main opportunities and methods to communicate Details
  • Website, social media
  • Establish Customer Center
  • Labor-management consultations
  • Transmission of in-house newsletters and establishment of “Open Door Yukiguni,” a compliance consultation service.
  • Employee questionnaire surveys
  • Follow-up interviews
Business partners
  • Inspection and audit of suppliers
  • Conduct the CSR questionnaire survey to suppliers
Local communities
  • Forest maintenance activities
  • Local event sponsorship
  • Facility tour for local elementary school students
Shareholders and Investors
  • General Meeting of Shareholders
  • Shareholder Benefit Program
  • Financial Results
  • Presentation for institutional investors and individual investors
  • Meeting with investors and analysts