Company motto/Management Philosophy/Behavioral guidelines

Company motto/Management Philosophy/Behavioral guidelines

Company Motto

Contribution towards society with quality products A worthwhile workplace

Management Philosophy

1.Contribution towards enrichment of citizens’livelihood and the prosperity of food culture

Our basic philosophy is to provide society with high-quality foods that are good for health, including maitake, through food production and sales, and contribute to the enhancement of people's lives and the prosperity of food culture.

2.Realize contributions to local communities and shareholders and affluent executives and employees

Through the constant efforts of all officers and employees to contribute to local communities and shareholders and the richness of officers and employees, we will enhance our corporate strength, contribute to the development of local communities, reward shareholders, realize spiritual and material wealth.

3.Respect corporate ethics

In our corporate activities, our actions are based on the basic philosophy and seek high respect for ethics as well as legal compliance, and respect accordingly.

Sustainability Policies

We will evolve an environment-friendly and recycling-oriented business model, protect the rich natural environment of the region and contribute to the sustainability of the global environment.
Through the supply of safe, secure and high-quality products, we will contribute to the maintenance and improvement of health that supports people's happiness and affluent lives.
We will contribute to the realization of prosperous society sharing economic and social value that we strive to sustainably increase with our stakeholders.

Behavioral guidelines

We understand the importance of global environmental conservation, and protect and nurture nature.
We respect the human rights of all people involved in our business and act appropriately.
We develop and supply safe, secure and high-quality products that lead to healthy and affluent lives for our customers.
We create better relationships and work environment through cooperation and growth.
We take on the challenge of creating new value and promote initiatives that lead to the sustainability of our business.
We contribute to the development of the community through our business and build good relationships that support our daily lives.
We strive to engage in dialogue with our stakeholders and fulfill our social responsibilities through fair, transparent and sound business activities.