Basic Views

Declaration of Compliance

At Yukiguni Maitake, we declare the following philosophy on compliance that applies to all officers and employees.

Compliance includes not only compliance with laws and regulations, employment rules and internal rules, but also compliance with social norms and corporate ethics in conducting corporate activities. It is the basic action that each one of us must put into practice.
Our ultimate goal is to increase corporate value as a company where entire employees can take pride in earning the trust and reputation of society by accumulating the actions of all officers and employees working there.
We would like to declare that we are not only committed to maintaining our legal compliance and high ethical standards but also committed towards thinking and acting in order to improve social value.

Group-Wide Expansion

At Yukiguni Maitake, we have expanded these compliance efforts equally across all group companies.

Compliance Policy

Our Values and Behavior

The values and conduct at Yukiguni Maitake are shown in the following diagram of the company motto, management philosophy, behavioral guidelines, and code of conduct. The code of conduct in particular specifically shows the proper actions all officers and employees must take to achieve the values of Yukiguni Maitake.

System Diagram

System Digram Click here for the Company motto, Management Philosophy and Behavioral guidelines

Code of Conduct

Our Code of conduct is as follows.
1.Code of conduct for customers and business partners
2.Code of conduct for employees
3.Code of conduct regarding company and asset of company
4.Code of conduct regarding society
5.Code of conduct for shareholders and investors

Click here for details of the Code of conduct

Compliance Promotion System

At Yukiguni Maitake, we have established a system for promoting compliance, with our Compliance Committee at its core.

Compliance promotion system

Compliance Hotline

At Yukiguni Maitake, we have established a Compliance Hotline (Open Door Yukiguni) where officers and employees can report legal violations or misconduct so we can detect non-compliance at an early stage and take prompt, appropriate action (established February 1, 2014).
There are two Compliance Hotlines: the In-House Hotline run by the Compliance Promotion office, and the External Hotline outsourced to lawyers to ensure greater independence.
The fact that a consultation was made and the content of that consultation are handled as strictly confidential matters at either hotline, and they are operated in a manner such that no employee will suffer disadvantage in any way for whistleblowing.

Compliance Training

At Yukiguni Maitake, we provide ongoing compliance trainings to (1) enhance compliance mindset, (2) promote understanding of what actions should be taken in accordance with the latest laws or other social norms, and (3) promote understanding of compliance systems and schemes among officers and employees.
The compliance trainings include those for all officers and employees as well as targeted programs based on position and seniority, depending on the purpose and content of the program.

Status of Our Efforts

Compliance Committee Meeting (fiscal year 2019)
Held once a month, total of twelve meetings

Compliance Hotline (fiscal year 2019)
Number of consultations: 26 (In-House Hotline: 25, External Hotline: 1)

Compliance Training (fiscal year 2019)
We have conducted compliance training for executive team (12 times), all employees (3 to 5 times), for managers (2 times), for supervisors (1 time), and for new employees (1 time).