Social Contributions

Social Contributions

The mushroom products of Yukiguni Maitake depend on the bounty of nature, including forest and water resources. Protecting these resources and building a sustainable procurement cycle are crucial for us to continue delivering our products in the future.
Many of our employees live near our production sites and cherish connections to the local community in their everyday work. At Yukiguni Maitake, we strive for social contribution activities that enhance the sustanability of society through support for environmental conservation as well as the revitalization and development of local communities.

Participation in Team Eco

We take part in the environmental conservation efforts hosted by UX Niigata TV 21, which started in April 2001, and have been a sponsoring member since 2019.
Not only have we participated in greening and clean-up activities in the city of Minamiuonuma, Niigata, where our headquarters are located, but we have also communicated our environmental efforts through Team Eco TV commercials.

Team Eco CM1
Team Eco CM2
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Team Eco CM6


Sponsorship of the Minamiuonuma and Kin, Okinawa Exchange Program

Kinoko Center Kin Co., Ltd., based in the town of Kin, Okinawa, joined our group in March 2019. This led to an exchange program for elementary school students hosted by the city of Minamiuonuma, Niigata and implemented together with the town of Kin since 2007, a program we have been special sponsors of since 2019. Children from Niigata visit the factory in the town of Kin, while children from Okinawa visit the factory in the city of Minamiuonuma.
City of Minamiuonuma website

Tours for Local Elementary School Students

The mushroom production and packaging center operates tours as part of social studies field trips for local elementary school students. Third graders from an elementary school in the city of Minamiuonuma visited in fiscal year 2019.


Sponsor of Local Events

In addition to sponsoring local sporting events, we actively participate in festivals and other events to help contribute to the revitalization of local communities.